#RE00081 and #RE00082 (twin to #RE00081)

Used and Rebuilt JWI 1500mm Filter Presses, 171 cuft

no image availableModel Number: 1500-100-171S

Capacity: 171 cuft

Dims: Approximately 300″L x 87″W x 87″H

Weight: Approximately 18,000 lbs

Plate Shifter: Rebuilt JWI Semi-Automatic. Allows for easy single-person operation of press empty cycle.

Stainless Steel Shifter Rails: NEW

Filter Plates: Included, non-gasketed

Filter Cloths: Included, to be installed based on customer spec

Closure: NEW Automatic Air/Hydraulic open & close

Manifold: Included, to be installed based on customer spec.

Condition: Excellent