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M.W. Watermark - Leading manufacturer of New and Rebuilt Filter Presses
M.W. Watermark™ is the best choice for filter presses for all your municipal and industrial dewatering and process needs.

Sizes of Filter Presses Offered

We offer a broad array of filter press sizes to meet your needs. From our small 250mm/0.4 cuft [11L] portable pilot filter press, all the way to 2000mm/600 cuft [17000L], our selection provides the right size filter press for your specific project. (See full capacities chart below). We also carry a wide selection of filter press parts and accessories like plate shifters, hydraulic systems, piping and manifolds, self-dumping cake hoppers, and more.

Learn more about how to determine the size of filter press needed for your particular application on our blog.

M.W. Watermark manufactures filter presses in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.

M.W. Watermark 800mm Filter Press with Stainless Steel Discharge Chute on Elevated Platform; Filter Cake Bag Hooks

New and Rebuilt Equipment

In addition to manufacturing our own filter presses and parts in-house, we also take great pride M.W. Watermark Builds Filter Presses in Our Facility in Holland, Michigan, our ability to rebuild pre-owned equipment. Our talented team has experience with top brands in the industry including Siemens, US Filter, JWI, Lanco, Perrin, Edwards & Jones, Pac Press, and others. We can repair or rebuild your current equipment and advise you on additional products to make your system run as smoothly as possible.

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Each of these M.W. Watermark 630mm hemp oil extraction filter presses features a stainless steel manifold with tri-clamp fittings that allow for ease of disassembly when cleaning.

Industry Applications

Our equipment is used in a number of different industrial applications. Anywhere a company needs to separate solids from water or other liquid, we can help. Car and truck washes can use our presses to filter wastewater for reuse. Industrial laundries can share the same benefit as lint, sand and grit, emulsified oils and greM.W. Watermark Industry Applications - Car and Truck Wash - Filter Pressases, and many other unwanted wastes are filtered out of water, which can then often be reused. If solids are generated during the treatment of municipal drinking water or wastewater, our filter presses are an ideal solution. For example, when lime is used to soften water, the solids generated must be removed afterwards. Our process dewaters the lime slurry, and the leftover dried lime can be used for a variety of purposes, including soil augmentation.

M.W. Watermark manufactures and rebuilds filter presses and other wastewater treatment equipment.

Why Choose M.W. Watermark?

M.W. Watermark is committed to providing industry leading equipment, service, and direction. We operate in a family-oriented environment with loyal employees who have been with us for several years. Our staff works hard to make sure we deliver the best. We are passionate about caring for the world’s water supply. Our passion spills over to our commitment to being an environmentally conscious company who make high-quality products in the United States. Our Quick-Ship program allows us to deliver in-stock equipment with short lead times, and items not in-stock can be procured with little delay. We’re friendly and easy to contact by phone or email.

M.W. Watermark manufactures filter presses and other wastewater treatment equipment.

How to Contact UsM.W. Watermark 1200mm Overhead Filter Press - Lime Softening Application

Contact us to see if we have the filter press you need in-stock. If not, we can also build custom equipment based on your specifications. At M.W. Watermark, we are committed to our customers and our planet. Call us today to learn more.

Click Here to Download Our Filter Press Product GuideM.W. Watermark Filter Press Product Guide Cover; Filter Press Catalogue; Filter Press Diagram






Related Products, Tools and Accessories

Need accessories for your filter press, including spatulas, cloth installation tools or bulk bags?
Download our Aftermarket Accessories Sheet.

Did you know that we offer filter cake dumpsters in a variety of sizes to fit the dimensions of your filter press?
Download our Filter Cake Dumpster Sizes and Accessories Sheet.

M.W. Watermark offers a comprehensive tool kit for installing and servicing gasketed filter plates and cloths. Download our CGR Filter Press Service Took Kit Brochure.

M.W. Watermark now offers complete rebuild kits for air-operated filter press hydraulics.
Download our Hydraulics Rebuild Kits Brochure to learn more.

Need feed pumpstanks or an electrical control cabinet? 

Have you considered an elevated platform for easier filter cake discharge and removal?

M.W. Watermark can supply everything you need for a complete wastewater treatment system.

An elevated platform can be a big time saver when operating your filter press. Coupled with a chute and bulk bag hangers, filter cake discharge and removal becomes a snap.

M.W. Watermark Manufactures New Custom Filter Presses and Also Rebuilds Used Filter Presses

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 M.W. Watermark manufactures new and rebuilds used filter presses for a variety of industrial applications

M.W. Watermark manufactures new and rebuilds used filter presses for a variety of industrial applications

Our Latest Videos…  (Scroll Down for All Filter Press Videos)

M.W. Watermark Optional Two-Hand Hydraulic Safety Interlock

M.W. Watermark Optional Two-Hand Shifter Safety Interlock

The M.W. Watermark filter press air-operated hydraulic system has been designed for durability, longevity and quick closing, clamping and opening times. Click below to watch our video and learn more.

Click below to watch our Filter Press Introductory Video. 
Learn how a filter press works, including the role of filter cloths and pressure filtration in forming a dewatered filter press cake.

M.W. Watermark Filter Press Photos by Size…
M.W. Watermark 250mm Portable Pilot Filter Press

250mm Pilot Filter Press

M.W. Watermark 320mm Pilot Filter Press

320mm Pilot Filter Press

M.W. Watermark-470mm-filter-press-manual-hyd-aod-pump-9977

470mm Filter Press – Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, Manual Hydraulics

M.W. Watermark 630mm Filter Press-platform-bulk bag-air hydraulics

630mm Filter Press – Elevated Platform, Bulk Bag, Air Hydraulics

M.W. Watermark 800mm Filter Press - Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter, Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS), Air Hydraulics

800mm Filter Press – Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter, Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS), Air Hydraulics

M.W. Watermark 1000mm-filter-press-air-hyd-leg-ext-chute-SAS-9977

1000mm Filter Press – Leg extensions, Chute, Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter, Air Hydraulics

M.W. Watermark 1200mm Filter Press

1200mm Filter Press – Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter, Automatic Drip Tray, Air Hydraulics, Enduroliner™

M.W. Watermark 1500mm Tetra Filter Press with overhead filter plate suspension

1500mm Tetra Filter Press – Overhead Filter Plate Suspension, Full Automation Control System (FACS); Automatic Plate Shifter with Cloth Washer, Electric Hydraulics

M.W. Watermark - Ask About Our Trailer Press Rental Program; Mobile Filter Press Units

Ask About Our Trailer Press Rental Program

M.W. Watermark Filter Press Specifications


250mm VOLUME (CUFT) 0.1 0.4
VOLUME (L) 2.8 11.3
320mm VOLUME (CUFT) 0.1 0.5
VOLUME (L) 2.8 14
470mm VOLUME (CUFT) 0.5 4
VOLUME (L) 14.2 113
630mm VOLUME (CUFT) 2 12
VOLUME (L) 57 342
800mm VOLUME (CUFT) 8 25
VOLUME (L) 226 707
1000mm VOLUME (CUFT) 20 50
VOLUME (L) 566 1415
1200mm VOLUME (CUFT) 40 125
VOLUME (L) 1132 3540
1500mm VOLUME (CUFT) 100 275
VOLUME (L) 2831 7787
1.5M x 2M VOLUME (CUFT) 250 350
VOLUME (L) 7079 9912
2000mm VOLUME (CUFT) 300 600
VOLUME (L) 8496 16992

Information for reference and subject to change.

Filter Press Videos

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1500mm Filter Press and Filter Cake Disposal, Lime Softening Application

1500mm Overhead Tetra Filter Press

1500mm Filter Press Installation

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter Video

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter (with 2-Handed Interlock Switch) Video

Automatic Plate Shifter

Automatic Plate Shifter with “bump”

Self-Dumping Cake Hopper