Filter Cake Discharge Options

Hoppers & Dumpsters

M.W. Watermark can provide a self-dumping cake hopper (also known as a dumpster) for almost any size press for easy handling of discharged solids. The hoppers are furnished with large ball-bearing casters for easy positioning under the presses, either manually or by using a lift truck. When filled, the operator picks up the hopper using a fork lift truck and positions it over a larger container. It’s emptied quickly and easily by pulling the spring-loaded self-dump pin.


Filter Press with Self-Dumping Cake Hopper


Self-Dumping Cake Hopper

Leg Extensions and Platforms

M.W. Watermark offers leg extensions and discharge chutes to allow filter cake to be discharged directly to a drum or bulk bag. The extended legs raise the press to allow room for a single or multiple barrels to catch the filter cake when released from the press. Smaller filter press may still be operated from ground level.


Filter Press Leg Extensions and Chute


Filter Press with Elevated Platform and Bulk Bag

Screw Conveyor

M.W. Watermark can supply an integrated screw conveyor to transport the filter cake to single or multiple discharge locations. This can eliminate the need for a forklift or platform while minimizing operator time handling the filter cake. It can also provide the option of discharging to a nearby location or a truck/trailer to be hauled for disposal using an optional inclined conveyor. Discharge chutes are included, either in steel or translucent polycarbonate, to direct the filter cake to the conveyor and provide operator protection.


Filter Press with Cake Auger


Filter Press Screw Conveyor

Drip Trays

The automatically actuated drip trays catch any filtrate that escapes from between the filter plates during the dewatering process or when power washing the plates and cloths. The trays are held in the horizontal sloped position during dewatering or cloth washing and rotated to the vertical position for cake discharge. Actuation of the trays is either by air or hydraulic cylinders. The trays slope toward the centerline of the press where a single trough directs the flow toward a catch basin located beneath the press hydraulic cylinder. The catch basin includes a bottom discharge pipe connection that may be piped for recycle to the waste treatment process or to drain depending on the project requirements.


Filter Press with Automatic Drip Trays or Bombay Doors (closed)


Filter Press with Automatic Drip Trays or Bombay Doors (open)

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