Standard and Custom-Made Filter Cloths

M.W. Watermark™ manufactures all of our filter cloths in our facility in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.

By manufacturing cloths in-house, we are able to utilize our laser-cutting tables and experienced sewing staff to provide fast turnaround times and ship direct – all while maintaining a quality product and the best service for our customers.

Watch the videos below to learn more about our filter cloth manufacturing processes. (Scroll to bottom of page for “how-to” videos on cloth installation).

Information About Filter Cloths

When separating solids from liquids using a filter press, the very foundation lies within the filter cloth. This is the front line of the dewatering process. The cloth will separate the fine particles from the water or other type of liquid in your application, forming a filter cake. This is the deposit of solid materials left behind after the filtering process.

M.W. Watermark Manufactures Custom Filter Cloths for Your Filter Press

We offer stock cloths in various sizes for quick shipping. We can also customize cloths to match the specs of your filter press, providing for a perfect fit.

M.W. Watermark Offers Filter Cloths for Most Filter Press Sizes

Our fabric department maintains a high volume of rolled goods with a wide variety of filtration characteristics that cover virtually any filter press application.

M.W. Watermark maintains a high volume of rolled goods with a wide variety of filtration characteristics that cover virtually any filter press application.

Filter Cloths Offered By M.W. Watermark

We place the emphasis on value, which is why we offer products that keep costs down. Our products are of the highest quality, and we offer filter cloths made of the following materials:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Felt

M.W. Watermark 630mm filter press with semi-automatic plate shifter, felt filter cloths and EnduroLiner™ coating - built for cosmetics ingredient manufacturing.
M.W. Watermark 630mm filter press equipped with filter cloths made of felt material.

Our sales team will offer recommendations of which product to use for your specific needs, taking into account the required filtrate clarity, flow rate, and cake release of your project.

We offer filter cloths for the following types of plates:

  • Gasketed
  • Non-Gasketed
  • Centerfeed
  • Cornerfeed
  • Membrane
  • Plate and Frame

M.W. Watermark Non-Gasketed Filter Press Cloths - Ready for Installation
M.W. Watermark Non-Gasketed Filter Cloths – Ready for Installation

We also offer options for latex edging and hook and loop material, which can help decrease installation time and improve sealing on non-gasketed cloths.

M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths Installed in a CGR Filter Plate Stack
M.W. Watermark Non-Gasketed (NG) Filter Cloths Installed in a Filter Plate Stack
M.W. Watermark Standard and Customized Filter Cloths
M.W. Watermark Standard and Customized Filter Cloths

Importance of Replacing Filter Cloths

When using a filter press for separating liquid from solids, you need filter cloths that are in top-notch condition. When the porosity of the material becomes compromised, it may not perform the separation process effectively.

Also, when the fabric weave becomes stretched with use, it may become too porous and unable to perform efficiently. Conversely, filter cloths may become clogged when particles become lodged deep into the fabric. In this case, it’s ineffective to clean the cloth chemically. When your filter press no longer forms a solid cake, it is time to replace the filter cloth.

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M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths Product Guide Cover

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M.W. Watermark is a filter cloth manufacturer in Holland, Michigan, USA

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M.W. Watermark is committed to providing industry leading equipment, parts, and service. Focusing on customer satisfaction is our primary goal, but we don’t stop there. We care about the environment, and we strive to make an impact in the water business. Our people are empowered to make a difference for a clean and reusable water supply. This means caring about our planet’s reserves not only for now, but for future generations.

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Filter Cloth Installation, Accessories and Other Tools

Need accessories for your filter press, including spatulas, cloth installation tools or bulk bags? Download our Aftermarket Accessories Sheet.

M.W. Watermark now offers a complete tool kit for installing and servicing gasketed filter plates and cloths. Download our CGR Filter Press Service Took Kit Brochure.

M.W. Watermark CGR Filter Press Service Took Kit (40033019) - Updated September 2018

Photo Of Air Hammer Used For Filter Cloth Installation - M.W. Watermark

Air Hammer : Product Number: 40000235
Cloth Air Hammer – PDF

Photo Of Dead Blow Hammer Used For Installation Of Filter Cloths - M.W. Watermark

Deadblow Hammer Product Number: 40000026

Photo Of Filter Cloth Wedge - M.W. Watermark

Wedge Product Number: 40000234W

Photo Of Scrapers And Spatulas Used To Clean Filter Cloths - M.W. Watermark

Cleaning Spatulas & Scrapers (variety of sizes)

M.W. Watermark - Filter Plate Gasketing Material

Gasketing Material (CGR Filter Plates)

M.W. Watermark - Filter Plate O-Rings

O-Rings (CGR Filter Plates)

Filter Cloth Installation and Service Videos

How to Install a CGR Filter Cloth

How to Install a Head Cloth

How to Install a Non-Gasketed (NG) Filter Cloth