Mobile Filter Press Units for Rental

If portability is a factor in your solid-liquids separation project, then a trailer-mounted filter press from M.W. Watermark may be the best option.

Many of our customers have found that a mobile filter press can serve as the ideal choice for dewatering a slurry and managing sludge in a remote location.

M.W. Watermark offers mobile units as part of our rental fleet.

M.W. Watermark Trailer-Mounted Filter Press; Mobile Filter Press Unit
M.W. Watermark Trailer-Mounted Filter Press

The latest mobile unit addition to our rental fleet features 1200mm filter plates with a semi-automatic plate shifter. Filter cloths are included based on customer specification. The manifold design is air blowdown / evenfill, and is constructed of PVC.

The trailer itself includes several helpful features, including flexible side curtains, independently adjustable trailer levelers, stainless steel cake chute, extendable slider belt conveyor, walkways / railings / stairs, electrical control panel, water wash-down deck and mounted overhead lighting.

M.W. Watermark Trailer-Mounted Filter Press; Mobile Filter Press Unit; User-Friendly Features
Our Mobile Filter Press Rental Units Include Several User-Friendly Features

Contact our Sales and Service Team to learn more about how M.W. Watermark can help you with your dewatering project.

We can help you determine if a mobile filter press rental is the best option for your application. 

View our current inventory of rental, surplus and rebuilt water and wastewater treatment equipment.

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Mobile Filter Press Units for Rental

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