Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment

Why Choose M.W. Watermark?
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Benefits of Industrial Water Recycling

Stone fabrication shops usually undertake various tasks that use a lot of water and also produce a lot of wastewater. Most companies use 15,000 to over 200,000 gallons of water every day to complete various tasks. With stringent regulations and requirements for running fabrication shops, it’s important to ensure you are always compliant while reusing water whenever possible.

Installing wastewater treatment equipment not only keeps you in compliance but also provides a convenient operation in your workplace as well as significant savings. At M.W. Watermark™, we offer wastewater treatment equipment for fabrication shops that helps to reduce costs and eliminate fines.

M.W. Watermark Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment

Many fabrication shops can attest that water bills can be undeniably overwhelming. If your business has limited or no access to an adequate water supply, then recycling the wastewater makes sense. For example, if you operate in a rural setting where you only use water wells, then recycling equipment helps to eliminate the hurdles of working with an insufficient water supply.

Employing a filter press or slant plate clarifier in your projects reduces overall cost. With tighter regulations around contaminates and particulate matter, recycling gives you peace of mind knowing that associated compliance fines are one less thing to worry about.

M.W. Watermark Filter Presses and Inclined Plate Clarifiers for Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment

How to Recycle Wastewater in the Stone Fabrication Industry

To recycle your wastewater efficiently, you need to have a closed-loop collection system that collects the water you use in cutting, polishing, and other fabrication tasks. This central collection point allows you to remove the solids from the water and recycle the clean water back to much of your equipment.

M.W. Watermark Equipment for Stone Fabrication Water Treatment

We are committed to offering quality products that simplify the whole recycling process to ensure maximum water reuse. Our main equipment offering includes filter presses for separating stone particles from wastewater. We also offer rebuilt filter presses for businesses that are interested in lowering their initial costs. We recommend our slant plate clarifiers in some instances when the solids loading is relatively high. This helps to diminish the solids loading to the filter press.

M.W. Watermark New and Rebuilt Filter Presses for Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment
M.W. Watermark new and rebuilt filter presses.

A M.W. Watermark filter press was recently installed for wastewater treatment at a stone counter top cutting facility

Filter cake from a stone counter top cutting operation, utilizing a M.W. Watermark filter press for wastewater treatment
Filter cake from a stone counter top cutting operation, utilizing a M.W. Watermark filter press for wastewater treatment.

Why Choose M.W. Watermark

Many fabrication shops opt for our equipment simply because we strive to deliver products that exceed their expectations. Our company shares the goal of saving Earth’s most valuable resource: water. For this reason, our team works diligently to offer businesses recycling systems that help them reuse their wastewater. Whatever your capacity, we strive to offer an option catered to your specific needs.

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