Filtration in the Hemp and CBD Oil Extraction Industry

As cannabis legalization spreads throughout the U.S., the number of unique businesses entering the industry and shaking things up is rapidly increasing. One innovation that’s taking the cannabis scene by storm is the legal sale of products crafted from cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which appears in numerous forms.

Wondering how this could relate to M.W. Watermark’s filter presses? Keep reading, and we’ll dig into the relationship between the hemp and CBD oil industry and industrial filtration.

An Introduction to the CBD and Hemp Oil Extraction Industry

Before we connect the CBD industry to industrial filtration, let’s discuss what CBD is and how it’s extracted.

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. Unlike many other compounds associated with cannabis, the CBD found in hemp doesn’t deliver a high, and is instead used with the intent of treating an array of medical conditions. CBD products are now legally available in nearly every U.S. state in some capacity, and they come in many forms, from edibles to prescription drugs.

M.W. Watermark Filter Presses for CBD Oil Extraction from Hemp

How Do Filter Presses Come Into Play?

When it comes to CBD oil, solid-liquid separation enters the picture when it’s time to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. There are many methods for extraction, but most include employing filtration to help ensure a more pure, effective product.

CO2 extraction, or winterization, is one such method which takes advantage of the differing solubility of waxes and cannabinoids at temperatures below the freezing point.  Essentially, the frozen wax from the hemp plant containing cannabidiol oil is stripped from the plant using carbon dioxide. The wax is then separated from the solvent using a filter press.

Ethanol extraction, also known as hemp bio mass, is another common method which utilizes a maceration process where ground-up hemp is mixed with a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent strips the CBD oil out of the plant fibers, and then the hemp oil/solvent combination is run through a filter press as a slurry. The solvent is then distilled off, resulting in pure hemp oil. The oil can then be further distilled and purified, if desired.

This M.W. Watermark 800mm hemp oil extraction filter press features a stainless steel manifold with tri-clamp fittings that allow for ease of disassembly when cleaning. (Click image to enlarge).
This M.W. Watermark 800mm CBD oil extraction filter press features a stainless steel manifold with tri-clamp fittings that allow for ease of disassembly when cleaning. (Click image to enlarge).

Benefits of Using a Filter Press

Many businesses involved in CBD oil extraction from hemp are realizing multiple benefits from utilizing a filter press, including increased speed of production and a higher-quality product.

Learn more about the benefits of using a filter press for hemp oil filtration on our blog.

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