Wastewater Treatment Equipment – Industries and Applications

M.W. Watermark supplies wastewater treatment equipment for a variety of industries and applications

M.W. Watermark™ is a leading industrial and commercial wastewater treatment equipment supplier. Based in Holland, Michigan, we work to meet the water treatment needs of companies across the nation. We offer customized wastewater treatment equipment as well as parts and services. No matter the size of your dewatering project, M.W. Watermark has a solution that will help your company optimize reuse of this natural resource.

Industry Overview

M.W. Watermark’s wastewater treatment equipment has been successfully integrated into various commercial and industrial applications. Below is a list of just some of the industries and applications we have experience in. Customers continue to contact us with additional applications for solid/liquid separation, from filter presses used for “lees filtration” in wine making to precious metals production. We invite you to visit the web page of each featured application below to learn more.

A recent ready-mix concrete installation utilizing an M.W. Watermark filter press for water re-use.

A recent ready-mix concrete installation utilizing an M.W. Watermark filter press for water re-use.

Learn more about our products. We encourage you to consider our selection of rental, surplus, and rebuilt equipment. For lower costs on the same quality systems, our talented staff expertly rebuilds used wastewater treatment equipment. M.W. Watermark services don’t stop after your purchase is completed. Our trained field service technicians provide on-site support for customers to ensure the optimal functioning of all equipment.

M.W. Watermark Filter Press for Ready-Mix Concrete Water Reuse

Filter Cake from Recycling Redi-Mix Concrete Wastewater

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M.W. Watermark 1200mm Trailer-Mounted Filter Press - Built for Produced Water Recovery
M.W. Watermark 1200mm Trailer-Mounted Filter Press – Built for Produced Water Recovery

Why Choose M.W. Watermark?

We value our customers, and that’s what makes us stand out from the competition. Our experienced sales, service, engineering, and management teams all prioritize the customer experience, so we’ll do what it takes to create a solution for your company that exceeds expectations. We understand that when there’s a problem with your system, your productivity goes down. We’re always readily available and provide quick delivery of products and services to keep your machines running.

The M.W. Watermark team is passionate about making a positive difference to our planet by working to keep our finite water supply clean and usable for future generations. We are an environmentally-conscious company that strives to have a positive impact on our planet. That’s why we create high quality, innovative products that help keep our water supply clean.

M.W. Watermark - Recycle Water and Save - Infographic
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