Recycling Car Wash Wastewater: Why Every Car Wash Needs a Filter Press

If you own or operate a car wash, industrial filtration equipment can help you save money. Re-using filtered wash water is a great way to lower cost.

Q: Why would a car wash need a filter press?

A: To recycle and re-use wash water.

Car washes can use a significant amount of water everyday and water prices are steadily increasing. M.W. Watermark’s industrial filtration equipment can help you recycle and re-use your wash water, saving you money and potentially, disposal costs. A filter press is a simple and cost-effective solution.

M.W. Watermark Pilot filter press with filtrate and filter cake
Pilot filter press that was used at a car wash test site

Q: What does the filter press do?

A: Simply put, a filter press separates liquids from solids.

Dirt, grit, mud, and other gunk is washed off of incoming cars as they travel through a car wash. The liquid and all of the dirt, etc. is sent down the drain. Instead of going directly to sewer, the wash water is stored in a tank and pumped into a filter press. Using pressure filtration the filter press collects the dirt (solids) from the liquid in between its filter plates. The water (filtrate) exits the press from a single discharge point and is able to be re-used.

dirty car-recycle car wash wastewater
There are solids all over this car.

To view a walk-thru video of the car wash wastewater treatment process using a filter press, visit our web page.

Q: Why is the filtrate pink in the video on the web page?

A: The soaps and cleaning chemicals.

The filter press only removes solids; it will not filter out the soaps and chemicals. At our test site this was considered a good thing. Not only was the wash water able to be re-used, but soaps and chemicals, which can be costly, were also recovered.

Q: Why would you re-use wash water?


The cost of fresh water is steadily increasing and operation is becoming more expensive. Re-using filtered wash water is an easy way to lower cost.

Q: Where can I get a high quality filter press that won’t break the bank?

A: We thought you’d never ask! M.W. Watermark, of course.

Browse our wastewater treatment equipment and industrial filtration equipment online or contact sales and service team: 616.399.8850.

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Recycling Car Wash Wastewater: Why Every Car Wash Needs a Filter Press

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