How a Commercial Car Wash Can Reuse Water and Save Money

Each time you wash your car, wastewater is created – it’s unavoidable. However, using a commercial car wash (either automatic or self-serve) rather than washing your car at home can help save water thanks to water recycling processes integrated into modern washing systems.

Automatic Car Wash Water Consumption

While it might seem like automatic car wash systems use excessive amounts of water, updated technology has made it considerably easier for owners to use water reclamation systems. These systems are designed to cleanse used water of debris, making it suitable for reuse. This helps minimize the amount of freshwater lost during each wash cycle – something that is simply not plausible during an at-home car wash.

While the average amount of water used by automatic car washes fluctuates, the water reclamation systems used in many washes help keep numbers quite low. Typically, figures range from 30-70 gallons of freshwater per vehicle, and the amount of water actually lost can be much less, depending on the car wash design.

M.W. Watermark filter presses can be used to recycle car wash wastewater
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Self-Serve Car Wash Water Consumption

Once again, numbers vary due to the range of car wash designs, but most statistics indicate that a self-service car wash uses roughly 12-17 gallons per car. In comparison to the 100+ gallon figure often attributed to the standard home car wash, this is a drastic reduction. This is likely because, as a business, commercial washes are faced with not only the rising cost of fresh water, but also disposal costs along with rigid environmental regulations. To run their operations more efficiently while complying with regulations, wash owners can integrate a wastewater reclamation system.

Environmental Responsibility

Aside from repurposing valuable water, water reclamation systems used in car washes reduce disposal costs while helping to prevent detergents and other chemicals from polluting the environment. One method of water reclamation involves using a filter press, which is available through M.W. Watermark. Designed to remove solids from wash water while allowing soaps to be reused, our filter presses offer an easy opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of your wash while maximizing its efficiency.

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How a Commercial Car Wash Can Reuse Water and Save Money

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