The M.W. Watermark Oil Coalescing Separator Across Industries

The M.W. Watermark™ Oil Coalescing Separator (OCS) is a powerful piece of equipment that can be highly effective across a variety of industries and applications. Our OCS units are designed to remove free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels from a waste stream,

Oil Coalescing Separator - An Efficient Tool for Removing Oil from Water

What makes the Oil Coalescing Separator such an efficient tool is its ability to remove oils from water without any moving parts.  The unique M.W. Watermark coalescing media placed in the path of the wastewater stream is the reason why

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF) or Oil-Coalescing Separator (OCS)?

Previously, M.W. Watermark posted a blog topic discussing the differences between a Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF) and a Slant Plate Clarifier (SPC), and the types of applications best suited for each. Click here to read, “Slant Plate or Dissolved