Benefits of Mobile Filter Presses

At M.W. Watermark, we’re always willing to accommodate the unique needs of our customers and their jobsites. That’s why we make custom filter presses with a lot of different optional features. One of those optional features is portability. When customers come to us looking for something that can be easily moved from one location to the next, we immediately recommend our mobile filter press units and rentals. They’re just as capable of filtering large amounts at high speeds as any of our filter presses, but they have the added benefit of being able to do it on remote locations.

Trailer Press

Who Needs a Mobile Filter Press?

In most cases, the process of water treatment or dewatering slurry takes place inside a facility. Many industries rely on filtration every day to keep operations running smoothly. So it only makes sense that their filter press becomes a permanent fixture that they can use whenever they need to.

However, that’s not how it works in every situation. Some businesses, particularly in the oil, gas and fracking industries, are not working out of a facility or warehouse. Instead, they’re out on remote sites in open fields, desert plains and oceans as they drill, mine and build. They need a filter press that can go on location with them to help speed up the process. Furthermore, companies like these don’t stay at a single location. They’re moving from jobsite to jobsite, taking all their equipment and machinery with them as they go.

Aside from that, mobile filter presses are also well-suited for short-term projects, such as cleaning out tank bottoms or emptying lagoons. It’s easier to move the filter press in and out as needed when it’s mounted to wheels or on a trailer for larger units. They’re also helpful for manufacturers that need to filter several tanks at once. Instead of having to install multiple filter presses, they can just get one and move it from tank to tank.

Mobile Filter Press Features

There are two main types of mobile filter presses. The first type is a regular filter press with a set of wheels attached to the frame. The second is a trailer-mounted filter press. Trailer-mounted filter presses are ideal for dewatering slurry and managing sludge remotely. M.W. Watermark offers rentals that arrive fully-assembled, equipped with the specs you need and ready to go.

For example, these mobile filter presses are outfitted with flexible side curtains to give you easy access to the equipment during operation. They also have independently adjustable levelers. A cake chute system, which is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, directs all discharge onto the extendable slider belt conveyor.

Other features of the trailer-mounted presses include an electrical control panel and a water wash-down deck. Mounted overhead lighting keeps the area well-lit for use through the night. And finally, they also come with walkways, safety railings and stairs to keep workers safe.

Find the Right Filter Press for Your Needs

Whether you need a mobile filter press or a permanent model, turn to M.W. Watermark. We have filter presses available in many different sizes with a variety of plate dimensions, ranging from 470 mm to 2000 mm. They’re also available as manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic units. Browse our filter press brochure to see all the specs and customizable options we have to offer. If you’re ready to place an order or have any questions, call 616-399-8850 for a quick response.

Benefits of Mobile Filter Presses

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