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M.W. Watermark Welcomes New Field Service Technician – Brandon Sanderson

November, 2017

M.W. Watermark Filter Press Field Service Technician; Filter Press Repair; Filter Press Maintenance


Filter Press Air Hydraulic Upgrade

May, 2014

M.W. Watermark strives to continuously advance our dewatering equipment. Most recently we upgraded the standard air hydraulic design for new filter presses sized 630 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, and 1200 mm. The new design consists of mechanical improvements that simplify the hydraulic system and decrease the filter presses open/close time.

The hydraulic control panel was formerly designed with three gauges and three corresponding switches. The new control panel now utilizes a simpler, streamlined design with only two gauges and two switches. The panel offers the same mechanical control with fewer parts.

The most significant modification to the hydraulic system was an upgrade from modular-style hydraulics to a manifold block. This change can be found inside the hydraulic cabinet (Photo: New Manifold block hydraulics on left; former modular-style hydraulics on right.)

  • A manifold block is more compact and has fewer fittings and components. Updating this system lowers the risk of potential leaks.
  • The filter press opens and closes significantly faster. The 630 mm press opens 47 seconds faster and closes 18 seconds faster.
  • The manifold block is easier to service.

Hydraulic Upgrade Img1
Hydraulic Upgrade Img1
Hydraulic Upgrade Img1


M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer

M.W. Watermark is pleased to announce the latest addition to our lines of dewatering products, the M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer. The M.W. Watermark Dryer is intended primarily for metal hydroxide plating wastes where the input to the dryer is the output filter cake from a filter press. It could potentially be used to dry other inorganic filter cakes where the extruded pellets maintain their integrity.

M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer - DM-380G Control Panel Side View

The M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer is manufactured in our facilities in Holland, MI and is available in two models: 200G and 380G. These dryers are of the batch input/continuous processing type. The DM-200G and DM-380G dryers process up to three and six cubic feet of input filter cake per hour respectively.

Our sales, engineering and service teams have many years of experience working with and servicing these types of dryers, as well as other brands.

M.W. Watermark will continue to offer aftermarket support for other brands of dryers. We will also continue to supply batch sludge dryers. We welcome this complementary line to our existing line of batch dryers.

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